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IPTV Transmodulators

Satellite distribution over IP


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The GTE transmodulators for IPTV cross boundaries between LAN network and RF transmission.

These transmodulators can acquire services coming from two (GTE-2S2IP) or three (GTE-3S2IP) QPSK inputs and redistribute them over IP using unicast or multicast transmission; up to 16 single- or multi-service streams are avilable, using the 100 Mbps output.

With an IPTV transmodulator the LAN network can complement or replace the traditional RF cable to display satellite content on compatible Smart-TVs, as well as make them accessible to other multimedia devices connected via cable to the network and equipped with common video-player software.

Moreover, pay-TV services can be decoded using the double Common Interface slot.

INPUTS 2 (GTE-2S2IP) or 3 (GTE-3S2IP)
STREAM NUMBER up to 16 single- o multi-program streams
IP STANDARD RTP or UDP (for each stream)
STREAM STANDARD Multicast or Unicast (for each stream)
MAx TRANSMISSION SPEED 94.2 Mbps (total)
REMOTE ACCESS Yes, using free Cloud service
ADVANCED CONFIGURATION FUNCTIONS PID filtering, PID remapping, PSI tables settings, NIT customization , SAP server
MAINTENANCE FUNCTIONS Backup/restore, log, installation report, firmware update, reset
MANAGEMENT FUNCTIONS Password protection, Cloud user account

IP out: Services acquired from the satellite inputs are encapsulated in IP streams with RTP/UDP protocol (up to 16 different streams are possible), whiach can be decoded by the latest generation smart-TVs and by most common video-player software. Each stream retains the Service and Program IDs, allowing chhoisng a single servicein the received stream. Alternatively, a single-program stream can be transmitted, simplfying the receiver logic.

Multicast and unicast streams: In a multicast transmission, source transmission is at constant bandwidth, regardless of how many receivers, avoiding network saturation (unlike a broadcast transmission), while listeners must register to a particular "listening group" managed by network logic. An unicast stream, instead, is sent to a single receiver. It is possible to choose a different type of transmission for each stream.

Integrated remote access: Programming and managament are accomplished by connecting the device to the LAN port and using the GDS Manager software. Remote control is available through a free Cloud service.

Modularity: IPTV transmodulators can be combined with other GTE Series transmodulators to obtain a mixed RF/IPTV CATV headend.