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Innovative functions and minimal dimensions: in a nutshell, that's what the GMS all-in-one headends series adds up to the GD Service catalogue.

With a single GMS headend it is possible to distribute several services in just 31 cm space at a reduced cost, with eight QPSK inputs and four RF output channels, also with Common Interface slots. In addition, GMS series boasts advanced functions, easily accessible through an integrated web-server interface.



  • Performance: GMS Series headends boast 42+ dB MER and the high reliability granted by our brand.

  • Input/output selection: GMS headends come with 8 DVB-S/S2 inputs; the common-interface models provide 4 slots for as much inputs.

  • Remultiplexing: any service originated from any input channel can be assigned to any output channel; once the first output channel frequency is set, the other 3 output channel frequencies can be chosen among the seven adjacent values to the first frequency. Output standard is DVB-T.

  • Easy programming: fast programming with no software installation, using the Ethernet interface and the integrated web-server.

  • PID filtering: it is possible to select for each service only the desired PIDs to be forwarded to the output.

  • Hotel mode: LCN, PID, TSID and NIT values in the output channel can be fixed independently from the selected input services.

    GMS-8S2FTA DVB-S/S2 8 DVB-T 4 NO
    GMS-8S2CI4 DVB-S/S2 8 DVB-T 4 4
  • Integrated remote access: The GMS headend is continuosly connected to a GD Service server; the user can connect to the same server and remotely control the headend through its integrated web-server interface; this kind of indirect connection simplifies the network setup.

  • Logger: All connection events are stored.

  • Installation report: the user can generate a text file reporting the adopted configuration, which can be used as installation report for the customer.

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