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Professional CATV headends

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Distribution of television content in large establishments, such as hotels, hospitality establishments, shopping malls and large condominiums, is usually centralized.

Ad-hoc distribution systems are essential, since it would be impossible to equip every single TV in the building with an independent satellite decoder.

The head units receive the satellite signal from a single dish and convert it into DVB-T digital terrestrial signal: the latter is more easily distributed, since all modern TVs have an integrated DVB-T receiver.

CATV head units also allow other functions, such as content selection, mixing with signals from other satellite dishes or terrestrial antennas and the centralized decoding of premium contents.

GD Service, a leading company in the production of CATV equipment, offers two main solutions:

Modular GTE Series headends: Transmodulators modules combination allow a perfect Input/Output selection, tailored to the final application.

Modular GMS Series headends: A compact and elegant solution vor large distribution requirements in high-end buildings.

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