Slideshow module GTS-90000

Infotainment over coaxial cable


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The Slideshow opens a world of infotainment for your CATV system.

Using this device, you are able to display on traditional TV screens several multimedia contents, normally available only on PCs and tablets. PDF slideshows, video files or TVCC streaming can be transmitted over the RF cable using its USB and LAN ports .

Displayed info can me managed using a daily scheduler, to diversify the offer in an automated manner.

A typical application can be found in a hotel where information and advertisement can be transmitted to the preexisting rooms TVs just by adding this product to the CATV system.

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INPUTS 1 LAN input, 1 USB input
OUTPUT CHANNELS 1, separated services for every function
MEMORY MicroSD card: 8/16/32 GB
CONFIGURATION Integrated Web-server on LAN port
REMOTE ACCESS Yes, using GTS-80000 optional device

Slideshow function: the device can play one or more PDF files from its internal memory over the RF output.

Video Player function: the device can loop play .TS video files from its internal memory over the RF output. Other format files can be converted using a dedicated tool.

Video-surveillance function: the device can transfer a live RTSP stream from a surveillance CAM or NVR over the RF output.

Two inputs: the LAN input can be used to load remote files or to acquire RTSP streams from surveillance devices; the USB input can be used to load files from USB drives.

Four output services: each function has its dedicated RF channel service: Slideshow SD, Slideshow HD, Video-surveillance and Video Player. The output can be set in DVB-T or DVB-C standard in the software configuration.

Scheduler:content can be changed on a time/daily schedule.

Internal memory: maximum 32 GB available for multimedia files (microSD card).

Easy setup: all functions and file transfer can be accessed by a Web-server interface, without need for an external software.

Modularity: the Slideshow module is compatible with all GTE and GTS Series products,to easily provide multimedia capability to a traditional CATV headend.