GTE Series transmodulators

New generation transmodulators for any CATV system.


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The all-new GTE transmodulators series inherit previous generation's already excellent features and reliability to step forward, providing a line of products with advanced programming and management functionalities, together with an improvement in performance and versatility.

Heart of this evolution is the new LAN interface, used to connect in a quick and easy fashion to GTE devices, even remotely thanks to a free Cloud service. Control is provided through the GDS Manager software, an universal platform for all the latest generation GD Service products.

GTE series transmodulators are provided with 2 or 3 DVB-S/S2 inputs, each model with 4 DVB-T output channels. Variants include free-to-air products and products with 1 or 2 Common Interfaces. Transmodulators with Ethernet output for IPTV solutions complete the offer. IPTV models can also be equipped with DVB-T/T2 inputs.

A fully custom, modular CATV equipment can be easily obtained combining only the needed transmodulators in a DIN rail mounting.

GTE-2S14T DVB-S/S2 2 DVB-T/C 4 1
GTE-2S24T DVB-S/S2 2 DVB-T/C 4 2
GTE-3S14T DVB-S/S2 3 DVB-T/C 4 1
GTE-3S24T DVB-S/S2 3 DVB-T/C 4 2
GTE-2S2IP DVB-S/S2 2 IPTV Up to 16 streams 2
GTE-3S2IP DVB-S/S2 3 IPTV Up to 16 streams 2
GTE-2S2T2IP DVB-S/S2 + DVB-T/T2 2 + 2 IPTV Up to 16 streams 2

Remultiplexing and flexibility: Transmodulators with 2 or 3 DVB-S/S2 inputs are available. Each input has an independent tele-supply source, with 22 kHz tone generation and compliant with DiSEqC 1.0 standard. Each device (excluding IPTV models) is equipped with a DVB-T/C output modulator, able to generate up to 4 adjacent channels in the full range of TV bands. Each SD/HD service received from one of the inputs can be transferred to any output channel.

IPTV transmodulators: GTE series include IPTV solutions. Services from Satellite inputs can be UDP/RTP streamed over LAN by using IPTV transmodulators. These services can be received by SmartTVs, using multicast or unicast transmission. Hybrid input solutions with both satellite and terrestrial inputs are available.

FlexCAM: Transmodulators with Common Interface are provided with FlexCAM technology, where every single input service can be decoded by any CAM installed in the module; this way CAMs are fully exploited in their capability.

Modular equipment: An application-based CATV equipment can be easily obtained combining proper transmodulators and power supply using a DIN rail mounting, optimizing costs and installation without compromising future expandability.

Advanced mangement and integrated remote access: GTE modules can be programmed using LAN connection and the GDS Manager software. The new universal platform for all GD Service devices simplifies all setup operations and provides access to advanced management/maintenance tasks. Remote control is granted using the same software and a free Cloud service.

Advanced setup functions: PID filtering, PID remapping, Hotel Mode and Parental Control provide full equipment setup.

Maintenance and management functions: Tasks include configuration backup/restore, device reset, firmware update, installation report and password protection.

Performance and reliability: GTE series boasts > 40 dB MER, thanks to material quality and state-of-the-art technology. Design and production test phases ensure superior reliability.

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