GTS Series Transmodulators


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The GTS series transmodulators provide an high-end solution for professional CATV systems. Thanks to the wide range of input/output options, with DVB-S or DVB-T inputs and DVB-T/DVB-C outputs, many installation options are possible. A modular CATV headend specific for every installation is then quickly realized using a DIN bar mounting.


  • Performance: the GTS Series transmodulators boast 40+ dB MER and top reliability, thanks to meticolous design and testing phases; we also provide a prompt post-sale support.

  • Input and output broad selection: DVB-S/S2 or DVB-T/T2 inputs, DVB-T+DVB-C output, also with common interface slots for service decryption.

  • Modular system: Thanks to DIN bar mounting, it is possible to combine different GTS modules to realize a fully custom CATV headend in an easy and cost-effective way.


  • Easy programming: the user-friendly, multi-language software GDS Configurator allows fast programming through a PC and an USB connection.

  • NIT/TSID rewrite: it is possible to use original NIT and TSID service values or to assign custom values; this option is useful to distribute services from the same input transponder over two different output channels.

  • Hotel mode: LCN, PID, TSID and NIT values in the output channel can be fixed independently from the selected input services or input channel; this allows changing the distributed services with no need to tune again all TVs connected to the CATV distribution system.

    GTS-10020 DVB-S/S2 1 DVB-T/C 1 NO
    GTS-10120 DVB-S/S2 1 DVB-T/C 1 1
    GTS-11022 DVB-S/S2 2 DVB-T/C 2 NO
    GTS-11122 DVB-S/S2 2 DVB-T/C 2 1
    GTS-11222 DVB-S/S2 2 DVB-T/C 2 2
    GTS-20020 DVB-T/T2 1 DVB-T/C 1 NO
    GTS-20120 DVB-T/T2 1 DVB-T/C 1 1
    GTS-22022 DVB-T/T2 2 DVB-T/C 2 NO
    GTS-22222 DVB-T/T2 2 DVB-T/C 2 2
  • Parental Control: specific services can be password-protected for age-limited access.

  • Password protection and settings export: system configuration can be exported for backup and to replicate configuration on several modules; configuration access can be protected by a password.

  • Remote access: monitoring, configuring and rebooting a GTS system can be accomplished through Internet network, using the special GTS-80000 device.